Welcome to Maxmetals security Company Limited

When precious metals are stored in Our Vaults, you are rest assured of its security. We offer one of the Safest, cost effective Gold and Silver Vault in Europe and other parts of the world with 24 /7 Surveillance and customer care Services.

How we store your Gold and Silver


    Properties are stored in owners name and joints accounts


    The storage you Buy is what Maxmetals Security gives your Asserts


    We make Documents readily Available once Users have an account with us

    Why Maxmetals

    High Level of Security, confidentiality, Good Team player, Cost effective and Highly Secure Assert Management Systems


we provide this services


Our Guard

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Our Storage

Protecting Your Property is our core value
Our facilities Includes the following
Equipment for preventing fire related problem - including fire extinguishers, fire detection systems, radioactive materials, hazardous items, flammable liquids, including petrol that can cause fire outbreak.
Access control Systems
New users have personal account, proof of deposite and ceritificate of proof.
Alarm System
24 hour CCTV Surveillance in obscure places
Our Safes are securely locked and heavily guarded

Our core values are based on some pillars: Customer Satisfaction, Security, Confidentiality, Secure Transports, Cost Effectiveness